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PHILIPS SureSigns VM6 Manual

SureSigns VM6 is a compact, portable, and versatile bedside monitor. It provides essential monitoring and measurement capabilities in a user-friendly and easy to learn package. It can monitor pulse oximetry, blood pressure, user-selectable ECG, respiration, basic arrhythmia, and temperature.

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The Philips HD7 ultrasound system combines advanced performance, efficient workflow and elegant data management at an affordable price. It features a design architecture unprecedented in the evolution of ultrasound. From the ground up and inside out, the HD7 system is built to make your work easier, more efficient and more productive. Its flexible platform also enables you to configure a HD7 to meet your exact requirements for price, performance and clinical application.

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Philips HeartStart FR2-Series Defibrillator Manual

This document is an introduction to the supplies and accessories for the Philips HeartStart FR2-Series Defibrillator. The document provides information on the performance and usage of the products, including a quick reference guide, carry cases, and a fast response kit.

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Nikon TI-U TI-U/B TI-S TI-S/LIOO Manual

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PHILIPS Mobile C-arm systems Manual

BV Pulsera is a powerful mobile fluoroscopy system for the most challenging surgical and interventional procedures. The powerful pulsed technology allows you to go the distance in longer studies, capture moving anatomy, and see through your largest patients. SmartVision, a highly advanced, full digital 1Kx1K imaging chain in combination with unique state-of-the-art image processing algorithms (including BodySmart and Automatic Shutter Positioning) provides you with high-quality images at the lowest possible dose. The ultra-compact Mobile View Station perfectly fits in the surgical workflow. The unique intelligent viewing concept of the Mobile View Station.

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PHILIPS M4735A Manual

Philips M4735A HeartStart XL AED/monitor is a new portable AED device from Philips with both manual and AED modes. It also supports SMART Biphasic waveform, ECG monitoring, synchronized cardioversion and optional non-invasive pacing and SpO2.

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PHILIPS Respironics V200 Ventilator Operator s Manual

This is the operator's manual for the V200 ventilator

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This is a user manual for a heart defibrillator. It contains basic information about the defibrillator's functions, operation, and precautions.

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PHILIPS HeartStart FRx Defibrillator OWNER'S MANUAL

The HeartStart FRx Defibrillator is an automated external defibrillator used for emergency treatment of sudden cardiac arrest. This manual provides operating instructions and cautions for the product.

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PHILIPS REMstar Auto A-Flex user manual

This file is the Respironics REMstar Auto A-Flex user manual, which introduces the use of the device, function characteristics, etc.

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Polar F55 exercise heart rate monitor watch user manual

This document is a user manual for the Polar F55 fitness heart rate monitor, which introduces the features and characteristics of the product, including personalized training programs, health testing, setting exercise goals, and recording exercise data.

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Polar F6 exercise heart rate monitor watch user manual

This document provides instructions for using the Polar F6 Fitness Heart Rate Monitor, including information on the components of the heart rate monitor, buttons and display symbols, basic settings, how to measure heart rate, and exercise functions.

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Polar F92ti exercise heart rate monitor watch user manual

Polar F92ti Fitness Heart Rate Monitor User Manual, introduces the features and characteristics of the product, including buttons and functions, modes and functions, settings, starting heart rate measurement, OWNZONE personal exercise zone function, etc.

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RS800 RS800sd Jogging heart rate monitor watch user manual

RS800 / RS800sd Running Heart Rate monitor User's Manual introduces the features and usage of the product

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OMRON HV-F128 low-frequency lasers Guide

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OMRON HV-F015 low-frequency lasers Manual

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OMRON HJ-302 pedometer Manual

This document introduces the usage and safety precautions of the HJ-302 electronic pedometer from Omron (Dalian) Co., Ltd. The product is a device used to measure walking steps, featuring simple operation, accurate measurement, and replaceable battery.

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OMRON HJ-301 pedometer Manual

Instruction manual of HJ-301 electronic pedometer, introduces the characteristics of the product, including the calculation and display of exercise volume, exercise intensity, exercise volume, weight, height, and stride settings

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SAMPO Low cycle Wave lasers Manual

The Sampo low-frequency therapy device is a physical therapy device that uses weak electric current to stimulate muscles and acupoints for massage, promote blood circulation, and help acid pain recover naturally.

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SAMPO BF-L1001ML weighing machine Manual

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