Haier Manuals (Appliances)

Haier HTMR480/HTMR575 Refrigerator Manual

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Haier HTMR315/360 Manual

This is an instruction manual for Smalltalk-72, which introduces how to use the system to create, edit, save and retrieve Smalltalk programs.

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Haier Refrigerator HTMR480SSManual

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Haier Refrigerator HTMR360SSManual

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Haier HTMR315/HTMR360 Manual

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Haier HFZ-85 user manual

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Haier HRZ-241 Manual

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Haier Refrigerator Manual(8)

Haier Refrigerator User Guide, introduces the use of the refrigerator, temperature control, food storage, etc.

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Haier HLT71 user manual

7'' Digital LCD TV user manual, which includes precautions before use, product safety information, product use instructions.

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Haier HT-3718 Manual

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Haier HLP21E User Manual-

This manual introduces the use of the HLP21E portable electronic washing machine

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Haier Double barrel washing machineXPB-287S Manual

This is a washing machine user manual, which contains the washing machine's various function descriptions, usage methods, fault troubleshooting and other contents.

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Haier XQS70-B828washing machine Manual

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Haier XQB80-SP9288 Washing full automate washing machine Manual

Haier XQB80-SP9288 washing machine instruction manual, introduces the basic functions, usage methods, installation methods and maintenance methods of the washing machine

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Haier XQS50-M9288/XQS60-M9288/XQS70-M9288automate washing machine Manual

The manual introduces the installation and adjustment methods of Haier washing machine XQS60-M9288, including the replacement of drainage pipe, bottom cover installation, whole machine placement adjustment, water supply pipe connection and inner cover installation.

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Haier Drum full automate washing machineXQG80-HB1286 Manual

The washing machine has an 8kg rated washing capacity and a 4kg rated drying capacity. The washing machine has a night wash program for washing cotton and linen fabrics, only alarm prompts, night washing is quieter.

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