GermanPool Air conditioner Manuals

German Pool EF-116W electric fan Manual

This is an instruction manual for an electric fan, which introduces the basic operation, installation and maintenance of the fan.

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German Pool EF-212T electric fan Manual

This is a German Pool electric fan model EF-212T, it is a table top electric fan, it can swing up and down and left and right, and the wind speed can be adjusted.

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German Pool EF-414F electric fan Manual

This document is the user manual of EF-414F multi-oscillation electric fan by German Pool, including assembly instructions, operating instructions, care and maintenance instructions, technical specifications and warranty terms and conditions.

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German Pool EF-716F electric fan Manual

This document is an instruction manual and warranty information for the Multi-Oscillation Electric Fan - Freestanding Floor Type EF-716F. The document provides detailed instructions on product assembly, basic operation, tilt angle adjustment, oscillation settings, care and maintenance, etc.

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