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ROHM BD8203EFV handbook

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ROHM BD8229EFV handbook

This datasheet is about BD8229EFV power driver chip, introducing the features of the chip, including 4CH BTL Driver, HTSSOP-B24 power package, wide dynamic range, Built-in thermal-shut down circuit, Separating Vcc into Pre and Power, Switches CH2 input by Control input terminal (CNT), Incorporates mute function by CNT terminal and mute terminal, Built in hysteresis comparator for reset.

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ROHM BH5510KVT handbook

This document introduces the features and characteristics of ROHM's products, including application circuit examples and technical information. More detailed product information and catalogs are available upon contacting ROHM.

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ROHM BH5511KV handbook

This document introduces the features and characteristics of ROHM's products. For more detailed product information and catalogs, please contact ROHM.

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ROHM BH6453GUL handbook

This document introduces the System Lens Driver Series for Mobile Phone Cameras from ROHM. The series includes models such as BD6883GUL, BH6453GUL, BD6886GUL, and BD6369GUL, which are used in auto focus systems for mobile phone cameras. The drivers feature ultra-small chip size, low ON-resistance, ESD resistance, built-in constant-voltage driver, and protection functions such as UVLO and TSD.

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ROHM BH6456GUL handbook

The BH6456GUL is a small lens driver from ROHM that uses a 2-wire serial interface and is compatible with I2C BUS. It is used in auto focus systems using a Piezo actuator. This lens driver has a low on-resistance, a built-in 15MHz oscillator, under voltage lockout (UVLO), thermal shutdown (TSD) circuit, and a standby current consumption of 0μA. This product is suitable for auto focus systems in mobile phone cameras.

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rohm BH6578FVM handbook

The BH6578FVM and BD7931F are reversible motor drivers with a wide output dynamic range, with power MOS used for the output transistor. The motor drivers can set the output mode to four modes of normal rotation, reverse rotation, stop (idling), and braking in accordance with input logic (2 inputs).

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rohm BH6717NUV handbook

BH6717NUV is a three-phase full-bridge motor driver that supports PWM signal speed control, sensorless drive, soft switched drive and power save function.

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rohm BH6766FVM handbook

BH6766FVM is a single phase full wave motor driver for fan motor, which has soft switched drive function

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rohm BH6789FVM handbook

This document describes a single-phase full-wave motor driver with features such as soft switched drive and absolute maximum ratings.

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ROHM BD6425EFV handbook

This document introduces the BD6422EFV, BD6425, and BD6423EFV series high voltage stepping motor drivers from ROHM. These products are low power consumption PWM constant current-drive drivers for bipolar stepping motors with a rated voltage of 45V and a rated output current of 1.0A and 1.5A.

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ROHM BD64550EFV handbook

BD64550EFV is a 1-chip system motor driver integrating 2-channel H-bridge driver, step-down switching regulator with built-in power DMOS, series regulator and reset output.

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ROHM BD6721FS Technical Note

This document introduces the BD6721FS product from ROHM, which is a single-phase full-wave fan motor driver. It includes a driver with power DMOS FET and features speed control through DC / direct PWM input, PWM soft switching, quick start, current limit, lock protection, and automatic restart. It is suitable for fan motors in general consumer equipment such as desktop PCs and projectors.

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rohm BD6722FS handbook

BD6722FS is a single-phase full-bridge motor driver produced by Toshiba, which features speed control, current limiting, PWM soft switching drive and so on.

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ROHM BD6380EFV Technical Note

BD6380EFV/BD6381EFV is a low power consumption bipolar step motor driver launched by ROHM. It is suitable for battery powered mobile devices. The series features low on resistance DMOS output, PWM constant current control, built-in spike noise cancellation function, low power consumption function, built-in logic input pull-down resistor, power-on reset function, thermal shutdown circuit, over current protection circuit, under voltage lockout circuit, malfunction prevention at the time of no applied power supply (Ghost Supply Prevention), electrostatic discharge: 4kV (HBM specification), adjacent pins short protection, etc.

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ROHM BD6231HFP Technical Note

This document describes the features and characteristics of the BD623xxx series DC brush motor drivers produced by ROHM. These drivers are full bridge drivers for brush motor applications, with selectable one channel or two channels configuration, VREF voltage setting pin for PWM duty control, cross-conduction prevention circuit, and four protection circuits. The product is suitable for applications such as VTR, CD/DVD players, audio-visual equipment, optical disc drives, PC peripherals, and OA equipment.

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ROHM BD62321HFP handbook

BD62321HFP is a full bridge driver for brush motor applications. This IC can operate at a wide range of power-supply voltages (from 6V to 32V), supporting output currents of up to 3A. MOS transistors in the output stage allow for PWM signal control. The replacement is also easy because of the pin compatible with BD623XHFP series.

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ROHM BD6222HFP handbook

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ROHM BD6210F handbook

This document describes H-bridge drivers for brush motor applications. Each IC can operate at a range of power supply voltages (from 3.0V to 5.5V), supporting output currents of up to 2A. MOS transistors in the output stage allow for PWM signal control, while the integrated VREF voltage control function of previous models offers direct replacement of deprecated motor driver ICs. These highly efficient H-bridge driver ICs facilitate low-power consumption design.

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ROHM BA6859AFP-Y handbook

This datasheet introduces ROHM's 1ch spindle motor driver IC BA6859AFP-Y,BA6664FM,BD6671FM, including 3-phase full-wave pseudo-linear system, 180° electrifying direct PWM drive system, power saving, TSD (thermal shutdown), current limiting, Hall bias circuit, FG output, 3-phase component FG output, circuit direction detection function, reverse rotation prevention circuit, short brake pin, brake mode selection pin, DSP 3.3 V etc.

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